Expanded Metal MeshExpanded Metal Products produce expanded metal in thicknesses from 0.20mm to 0.75mm, with a long way diamond (LWD) from 4.5mm to 15.8mm in widths up to a maximum of between 400mm and 760mm depending on the pattern.

We can supply most products in coils of up to 800 metres long to a width tolerance of +/- 0.20mm for slit coil, or +/- 0.50mm without slitting.

Coils can be ordered in any width between 140mm and 760mm. This allows customers to purchase exactly the finished size needed and minimise waste.

Our computerised cut-to-length lines can provide sheets of any desired length to an accuracy of +/- 1mm.

Air Filter Industry - Expanded Metal MeshAIR FILTER INDUSTRY

We have been Australia’s leading supplier of premium quality expanded metal to the air filtration industry for over 2 decades. Our ability to manufacture in coil form permits our customers to cut various lengths from the same width coil, minimising both scrap and inventory. Alternatively we can supply blanks of the exact length and width required for filter manufacture.



Gutter Guard Mesh  - Expanded Metal MeshGUTTER GUARD MESH

We stock a limited range of expanded aluminium for use as gutter guard mesh. Our standard product is 200mm wide x 0.60mm thick unpainted aluminium in Pattern 375R (6mm x 3mm opening) or Pattern 250R (4mm x 2mm opening), supplied in 50 metre coils.
Please note that the LWD of this product will run across the width (200mm) of the roll, ie from the edge of the gutter towards the pitch of the roof when installed.
We do not normally make any painted or coloured mesh but will consider it for orders in excess of 2 Tonnes.


Other Uses for expanded metal meshOTHER USES

Although we only produce a limited range of patterns, we are always keen to consider tooling up to produce large quantities of any light gauge products.